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LAÇOS DE FAMÍLIA, Clarice Lispector

maio 8, 2009


Não havia como fugir. Os dias que ela forjara haviam-se rompido na crosta e a água escapava. Estava diante da ostra. E não havia como não olhá-la. De que tinha vergonha? É que já não era mais piedade, não era só piedade: seu coração se enchera com a pior vontade de viver.

Já não sabia se estava do lado do cego ou das espessas plantas. O homem pouco a pouco se distanciara e em tortura ela parecia ter passado para o lado dos que lhe haviam ferido os olhos. O Jardim Botânico, tranqüilo e alto, lhe revelava. Com horror descobria que pertencia à parte forte do mundo – e que nome se deveria dar à sua misericórdia violenta? Seria obrigada a beijar o leproso, pois nunca seria apenas sua irmã. Um cego me levou ao pior de mim mesma, pensou espantada. Sentia-se banida porque nenhum pobre beberia água nas suas mãos ardentes. Ah! era mais fácil ser santo que uma pessoa! Por Deus, pois não fora verdadeira a piedade que sondara no seu coração as águas mais profundas? Mas era uma piedade de leão.


abril 14, 2009


Of course, we suffer form bottomless avidity. Our lives are so precious to us, we are so watchful of waste. Or perhaps a better name for it would be the Sense of Personal Destiny. Yes, I think that is better than avidity. Shall my life by one-thousandth of an inch fall short of its ultimate possibility? It is a different thing to value oneself, and to prize oneself crazily. And then there are our plans, idealizations. These are dangerous, too. They can consume us like parasites, eat us, drink us, and leave us lifelessly prostrate. And yet we are always inviting the parasite, as if we were eager to be drained and eaten.

It is because we have been taught there is no limit to what a man can be. Six hundred years ago, a man was what he was born to be. Satan and the Church, representing God, did battle over him. He, by reason of his choice, partially decided the outcome. But whether, after life, he went to hell or to heaven, his place among other men was given. It could not be contested. But, since, the stage has been reset and human beings only walk on it, and, under this revision, we have, instead, history to answer to. We were important enough then for our souls to be fought over. Now, each of us is responsible for his own salvation, which is in his greatness. And that, that greatness, is the rock our hearts are abraded on. Great minds, great beauties, great lovers and criminals surround us. From the great sadness and desperation of Werthers and Don Juans we went to the great ruling images of Napoleons; from these to murderers who had that right over victims because they were greater than the victims; to men who felt privileged to approach others with a whip; to schoolboys and clerks who roared like revolutionary lions; to those pimps and subway creatures, debaters in midnight cafeterias who believed they could be great in treachery and catch the throats of those they felt were sound and well in the lassos of their morbidity: to dreams of greatly beautiful shadows embracing on a flawless screen. Because of these things we hate immoderately. The fear of lagging pursues and maddens us. The fear lies in us like a cloud. It makes an inner climate of darkness. And occasionally there is a storm and hate and wounding rain out of us.

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